Predia Cart UV-C

In the Predia Cart UV-C, you can safely store, charge, disinfect and transport 24 or 36 devices up to 15", depending on the type. Thus, all devices are ready for use every day. Ideal for organisations where, for example, laptops, Chromebooks or iPads are used by several users and then remain on site.
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The benefits

  • Ready for use

    The Predia Cart UV-C has a central power supply and can be connected to a normal power outlet, so no additional provisions are required.

  • Automatic disinfection

    The built-in UV-C lamp ensures that the stored devices are automatically disinfected.

  • Mobile

    Predia Cart UV-C has four high-quality castors and is therefore easy to move.

  • Useful features

    The Predia Cart UV-C has several external sockets and is equipped with double hinges. The latter saves space and is also child-friendly

The ideal storage and charging cart

New: A fully equipped cart

A neatly tended trolley? Without a loose cable? The Predia Cart UVC is now also available plug-ready. The USB Type C cables are already fitted for you, so you can get straight to work setting up the cart. The cables are universal and neatly processed. The adapter included with the device can be used for home use.

Technical specifications

Cart 24 UV-C / Cart 36 UV-C
24 devices / 36 devices
UV-C disinfection
Philips TUV UV-C TL mini
Full hinged door
Central power management
Pigmented charging
Product materials
Metal and ABS materials
Dimensions (hxwxd)
96x71x60 cm / 124x71x60 cm
67 kg / 79 kg
5 year

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