With a Predia touch screen, you can make your lessons, lectures, training sessions and workshops even more interesting. The many interactive possibilities ensure that everyone stays on task even better.

Compelling teaching in image and sound

A Predia touchscreen is ideal for videos and other audiovisual content. For an even more complete educational experience, choose the Predia Soundbar with powerful, clear and intelligible sound.

Interactive touchscreens and displays for education

Predia Touch Swift 4

The Predia Touch Swift 4 touchscreen takes collaboration to a new level, in businesses, governments, and schools. It offers the most natural and accurate writing experience, unmatched speed and optimal connectivity.

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Predia Touch Flow

The Predia Touch Flow makes teaching with a touchscreen even more fluid and intuitive. The screen responds instantly to every touch with finger or pen and you can write on it extremely quickly.

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Predia Non-Touch Display

The Predia Display is a non-touch display. It is built to work 7 days a week 18 hours a day, making it ideal for narrowcasting in the auditorium, for example, but also for use in the teachers' room or classrooms.

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All devices always to hand

When class starts, you want all your students' devices charged. With the Predia Cart, the devices are ready for use every day. You can easily store, charge, disinfect and transport 24 or 36 devices simultaneously.

Why Predia for educational applications?

Make it extra interactive

The vast majority of educational institutions choose the option of an integrated computer for their Predia touchscreens: the Predia PC module. This turns your screen into a complete interactive solution.

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Handy smart software

Thanks to the highly accessible and user-friendly Predia software, you can start using the educational possibilities of your Predia touchscreen to its full potential almost immediately.

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Easy casting from device to screen

With the optional Predia Share Dongle, pupils, students or training participants can quickly show visual material from their own device on the big screen. Up to eight devices can simultaneously cast to one Predia touch screen.

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Free apps in the Predia Appstore

In the Predia Appstore, you will find - especially for primary schools - 12 primary education Tools and 17 educational apps, free and exclusive for Predia users.

Wondering what Predia can do for your education?

Feel free to contact us for more information about our products and what they add to modern education in practice. You can also make an appointment directly for an inspiring demo.

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