Predia touchscreens offer unprecedented possibilities for making meetings, presentations, training sessions and lessons interactive. Thanks to user-friendly software, the possibilities are almost unlimited.

Our software solutions are secure

Your privacy is important to us. Therefore, privacy & security are at the top of our software product development agenda. Our software products, such as Bytello DMS, Share and OS, are ISO 27001 and ISO 27701 certified by BSI, the global cybersecurity authority. This means we meet the highest data protection requirements and take great care when it comes to information security and data storage. All data is stored on a European server, not shared with third parties and not used for commercial purposes. So we can assure you that you are working in a secure environment!

Predia Home OS: Useful functions and features

The control software for Predia touch screens offers many useful functions and features. A few highlights include:

Creating your own environment
The most frequently used apps, shortcuts to websites and tools are always close to hand.

Advanced whiteboard software
With everything a user needs, up to and including line and squared paper, a ruler and a set square. Turn lines into shapes with the Magic Pen, share content via a QR code and add images directly from the browser.

Practical tools
Various useful tools, such as a stopwatch, a timer and an 'image projector'.

Working securely
Install Predia-approved apps and log out automatically when you close your touchscreen.

Bytello DMS: complete control

Bytello DMS (Display Management Service) gives support and IT administrators complete control over all Predia touchscreens in an organisation. Manage and monitor all screens from one environment.

Manage centrally
From a central location, the administrator can monitor all screens and push the latest updates to the screens at scheduled times. This way, everything is always up-to-date, and the right apps for each target group are always on the screens

Remote assistance
With Bytello DMS, you can easily provide remote assistance to users who have questions about their screens. After receiving permission from the user, you can look at his or her screen.

To all screens in one go
You can also use Bytello DMS to share alarms, emergency notifications or text messages across all screens at once. Distributing files to large groups of screens is also no problem.

With Bytello DMS, you can install apps the way you want: as a bulk installation or per screen. You can also set your own background per screen or user group.

Bytello Share: share screens

Bytello Share lets you easily share content wirelessly from any (mobile) device on a touchscreen or display.

Casting from and to your device
Share videos, audio, images and documents from your phone to the Predia screen or stream live images. You can also share the content of your Predia screen with your mobile device.

Your mobile as a remote control
Use your mobile device as a remote control for your Predia screen. With Predia touchscreens, you can also use the mouse function on devices with Windows and MAC OS.

Extra safe casting
Special request modes and code modes make sharing content extra safe. The presenter is always the one who indicates who may cast.


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