The new Predia Touch Swift: Third Generation

The new version of the Predia Touch Swift has been significantly improved in a number of ways. This screen takes user convenience to an even higher level and offers a world of possibilities with smart software.

Unprecedented writing comfort

In the Predia Swift, there is hardly any distance between the writing surface and the panel that displays the image. As a result, the viewing angle is optimal and the cursor follows the user's finger or pen extremely accurately. Instant touch technology completes the writing comfort. Want to write with several users at the same time? Thanks to the multi pen IDs, it is possible to write on the screen with multiple pens.

Smart Software

The Predia Touch Swift 3rd generation is equipped with the operating system Predia Home OS 2.0 based on Android 11, allowing you to work safely and securely with the screen. In addition, the latest Bytello software takes user convenience to a new level. Log into your own environment anywhere, so you always have your own files ready. Easily share your presentation wirelessly with Bytello Share and manage multiple touchscreens remotely with Bytello DMS.

Excellent technical specifications

The new screen also certainly excels in its technical specifications. For instance, the screen features built-in Dual High Power speakers, 4K display, USB-C connection and a powerful Quad Core Processor.

Interested in this touchscreen?

Please feel free to contact us. We'd be happy to tell you all about it.

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