Securely and easily access applications on your touchscreen with the Predia Appstore

The new Predia Appstore is available for all touchscreen of the Predia Touch Swift V2T1 model. The appstore is free, exclusive for Predia users and available in multiple languages (NL, EN, DE, FR).

The Predia Appstore

The Predia Appstore is an app store in the Predia home OS operating system that allows you to easily install applications directly onto your touchscreen. In the appstore, you decide which applications you want to download on your screen and where you want to put them. This way, you are in complete control. In the appstore, you'll find general applications such as the browser and calculator. And educational apps especially for the education sector.

Security is key

The Predia appstore is completely self-managed. All applications have been carefully selected and reviewed by our team. This way, we can guarantee that the applications work properly, are safe and free of viruses and advertisements.

Educational apps for schools

Especially for educational purposes, we have made educational applications available in the appstore. These applications are in line with the learning objectives of education and therefore very suitable as support in the lessons.


Are you interested, or do you have any questions? Please feel free to contact us.

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