Predia Touch Swift 4: Innovation in Image, Sound, and Control

Predia proudly introduces the latest addition to its range of touchscreens: the Predia Touch Swift 4. This model promises an optimized work experience for businesses, governments, and schools, excelling in many aspects compared to its predecessors.

Room-filling Sound

One of the key features that sets the Predia Touch Swift 4 apart as the best screen to date is the speakers located at the top of the screen. The strategic placement of speakers at the top of the screen is an innovative step, providing a fantastic sound experience for everyone in the room. The sound fills the space, not obstructed by obstacles, ensuring that every user can hear the sound clearly.

Natural and Precise Writing

The true strength of the Predia Touch Swift 4 lies in its intelligent touch technology. With almost no delay, pressure sensitivity, and support for palm rejection, the screen provides a natural and precise writing experience. Intelligent touch technology ensures that users can share their ideas optimally on the screen and collaborate more efficiently. With the ability to register up to 50 touch points, multiple users can write simultaneously.

Speed and Flexibility

The Predia Touch Swift 4 is not just a visual masterpiece but also excels in speed. The screen has been significantly accelerated to optimize the user experience. With a speed 50% higher than previous generations, users can effortlessly navigate through applications and multitask smoothly.

Control Innovation with Android 13

Another notable feature of the Predia Touch Swift 4 is the use of Android 13, a first in the industry. Android 13 not only provides a secure and advanced user experience but also equips the interactive touchscreens with the latest features, offering users even more possibilities.

Met deze combinatie van innovatieve features bevestigt Predia haar toewijding aan het leveren van hoogwaardige interactieve oplossingen. De Predia Touch Swift 4 opent de deur naar een nieuwe dimensie van interactie en effici├źntie.

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