Predia takes sustainability seriously

In these times, sustainability is a topic nobody can ignore. At Predia, we also take our responsibility. We want our activities to have the least possible impact on nature, environment and climate, and ensure that everyone can work with our products in a pleasant and safe way. In this article, we give you a brief overview of our efforts in this area.

Conscious product development

Our product developers continuously work on innovative technology that enables us to extend the lifespan of our products and solutions. After all, the longer something lasts, the longer it takes before it needs to be replaced.


In our production processes, we take measures to save energy wherever possible. Eco Friendly' is also at the heart of our product development: we make every effort to ensure that Predia products consume as little energy as possible. The Energy Star label is proof that our touchscreens are among the most energy-efficient in the world. As a user, you save energy throughout the life of your screen.

Economical modular production principle

When realising our products, we use a modular principle. The basis of each product is a simple standard version, without parts or options that are not strictly necessary. By working this way, we are economical with components, materials and raw materials and our products require little maintenance. The process is designed so that options or parts can still easily be added on request.

Clever packaging

The packaging of our products is designed to save space. This allows us to transport more products per transport.

Green buildings

Predia's offices and warehousing facilities are energy-neutral and use 100% green electricity.

Sustainable mobility

When it comes to logistics, we make targeted choices to minimise the number of transport kilometres. We demand the same from our external partners. We are proud that many of them work according to the Installation+ principle. This means that, where possible, they combine installation work with delivering goods to addresses on the same route. We think it is important that our partners also deal responsibly with energy-saving and environmental measures in other respects. For example, by electrifying their fleets and training employees in safe and energy-efficient driving.

Waste management and recycling

By using sustainable and reusable components, materials and raw materials wherever possible, we help reduce waste. And to achieve optimum waste management and maximum recycling, we employ a well thought-out process in which we work with established certified partners.

Important certifications

To demonstrate compliance with European standards on product safety, our products are checked by the independent test institute DEKRA. This ensures that Predia products from other countries also meet the highest safety requirements. Predia products also come with all required certifications from international bodies, such as ISO, CE and TÜV.

An eye for people

Predia products are partly manufactured abroad. Even there, we consider it part of our responsibility to stand up against oppression and human exploitation. We are committed to ensuring a fair income and an acceptable level of welfare for all employees - both those of Predia itself and those of partners in the chain.


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