6 reasons why interactive teaching works better with Predia touchscreens

In education, many teachers are not maximizing the potential of their touchscreens. This is a missed opportunity because touchscreens offer numerous possibilities to make lessons more engaging and interactive. Here are 6 reasons to consistently incorporate Predia touchscreens in education.

1. More freedom and flexibility

With a touchscreen, teachers are not confined to a specific space where they store all their materials and prepare their lessons. All they need is a laptop. They can do all their preparation on the laptop and set up everything for the lesson. Connecting the laptop to a touchscreen in any classroom allows the lesson to begin.

2. More room for creativity

The combination of a device and touchscreen provides an infinite source of teaching resources. This allows teachers to be less dependent on printed materials and standard methods, giving them more control over the content of their lessons. Using media other than the prescribed method makes it easier to incorporate current events into the lesson.

3. Increased engagement among students

Students with their own devices can actively participate in what is happening on the touchscreen during the lesson. They can also share their screens on the touchscreen (Predia touchscreens even support multiple screens simultaneously). This involvement enhances students' connection to the content displayed on the large screen.

4. Reduced printing, Less paper waste

Working with a touchscreen eliminates the need to carry stacks of paperwork. The printer no longer needs to churn out handouts and other paperwork that often end up in the trash. The lesson and all necessary materials are integrated into the combination of touchscreen and device, saving both work and promoting sustainability.

5. More time for teaching

Predia touchscreens come with a variety of handy templates, tools, and small applications integrated for every subject: timers, traffic lights, graphs, tables, themes, lines, grids, music sheets, 2D and 3D shapes, and more. This means teachers don't have to spend time preparing or coming up with these elements, resulting in significant time savings.

6. Increased overview and focus

Everything a teacher creates on the Predia touchscreen during a lesson can be instantly saved in the cloud. This provides the teacher with a comprehensive document that can be shared with students, allowing them to immediately benefit from the lesson. Additionally, students can focus more on the lesson as they don't need to constantly transcribe what is happening on the screen.

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